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About is a resource for those interested in the various aspects of machine knitting.

Being a bloke, this sort of thing is a little far from my knowledge base so I am pursuing this particular topic because my mother is a keen machine knitter.

Like most mothers, mine loves to share her experiences by utilising her amazing talent of being able to talk for many hours on a range of subjects at once. One of those that seemed to crop up most is her prowess on a knitting machine. My abilities on a computer gives me the chance to expose her vast knowledge to the rest of you, and once I figure out how, hopefully you can contribute to the website also!

In time, I hope to bring together as much information, references and links as I can regarding machine knitting, so others may share the joy I can see it brings to her life, and the lives of those she knits for.

You might even learn something, I’m afraid I will too…