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Machine Knitting a Baby Set – Booties – Passap

This pattern is for a Pink Passap knitting machine.

OK folks! At first I am just going to paste the pattern instructions straight in here, for those of you who know what a Knitting Machine is all about, go for it!

For beginners wanting to learn how to machine knit a Baby Set, I will slowly add the full instructions with photos and movies as I get the time.

After completing the Baby Booties, please continue to the Baby Jacket or the Baby Beanie.

Fae Mason’s Passap Baby Set – Booties

One end Cashmillon & one end silky (low bulk)

Tension 3/3
Pink Strippers.
**Zig zag row from right to left.  Cast on comb in. Small weight outside each end of knitting.
Pushers on back bed 1 up 1 down
AX/N  – no arrows K 5 rows (no strippers in for 3 rows)
AX/N  – left arrow in K 2 rows.**   This = 8 r.
Tension 2½/2½
N/N K 12 r.
From left hand side on back bed place 3rd stitch on 4th, leave 2 stitches in between all along bed, leave needles in working position and K 2 r = 14 r.
COR, increase 1 stitch on both beds on opposite side of carriage 5 times = 10 r.
Tension 3½/3½
Bring pushers up on front bed 3 up x 1 down all along bed (or 2 & 1 or 1 & 1)
*N/AX – K 2 rows
N/AX – left arrow in, K 2 rows*
Repeat from * to * for 28 rows .
Tension 3/3
N/N K 3 rows.
COL, place stitches from front bed onto back bed.  Bring all needles back into working position on front bed, handle down.
K 1 row .
Knit 4 rows waste, drop stitches off needles on front bed, black strippers knit few rows waste, take off machine and then latch tool last bootee row.

Ties – t4, 3 sts, 180 rows, same yarn as bootees (I knit this on the Brother)

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