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Types of Knitting Machines

For those of you who have a knitting machine, every now and then, do you find something that yours doesn’t quite do? Or Mrs Jones has one that does this or that? Yeah, it seems that one knitting machine is a compromise in most cases. From what I can gather, machine knitters buy the one that does most of what they want first, then later down the track, buy as many others they can afford and find space for. Only because the other ones didn’t do something that had to be done.

So, to (hopefully) help first timers buy a knitting machine that does mostly what they want, I am putting together a small sample of common (available 2nd hand) knitting machines with pro’s and con’s on each. Oh, and if you already have one of these, maybe you need a different one as well when you find out what they can do 🙂

Stay tuned…


  1. grosjean daniel says:

    hello !,I have a big problem about a “toyota ks 901knitting machin” !, I just can not start it !! , I think that I do not place the wool propely, even reading the book carefuly !,nothing happen ! ,Iam getting MAD whith this machin !! ,could any one help me please ? THANKS A LOT ! ,DANIEL .

  2. Raquel Reyes says:

    Hi i just bought a kh-910 electronic knitting machine and i have try to cast but i have not been able to do it when i pass the carriage it just doent knitting what i am doing worry. can you help. hope to hear from you soon.
    best regards

  3. admin says:

    Hi Daniel, sorry but I know nothing about the Toyota machines but the manual should help you.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Raquel,
    I have had a Brother KH910 for many years and love it. You do not say whether you are casting on single or double bed. If double bed, your ribber may not be set quite right so perhaps if you remove it and put it on again might help or the slide leavers might be pushed up on P-R instead of N.
    If you are trying to ‘e’ wrap with the needles in hold position (E) and when you have ‘e’ wrapped gently push the needles back B or do the simple cast on by pushing every 2nd needle to hold E and every other needle to working position (B) and laying the yarn over the needles, you must push the weaving bushes leavers up on the sinker plate. On mine they are little white knobs on the front of it on either side on the middle. Leave up for 5 or 6 rows and then push down as they tend to rub on knitting. Also you may need to push all the needles being used to hold for the first 4 or 5 rows until you can get some weights on knitting. Hope I have explained OK. Happy knitting.

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