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Why Knitting Machines?

Knitting Machines

Article By: Diane Palmer

Do you love to knit?.. love to create?… but maybe its too hard on the hands?.. then why not try investing in a knitting machine?

Knitting, like any creating, is good for the soul, but can be hard for some people to do, and they end up with half finished projects laying around, and feeling stressed about it, which is the opposite of what crafting is suppose to do for the heart and soul!

There are some great machines out on the market now, and there are a lot more patterns that are dedicated to machine knitting. The machines have been around for a while, but were basically reserved for scarves and blankets, but now there are some great machines with lots of features and you can make garments, sweaters, crafts and more.

You need to get a good brand name machine, that is heavy duty if you plan on machine knitting a lot, and search out some machine knitting patterns, they are popping up everywhere now as knitting becomes more popular, just make sure the pattern says for machine knitting and you should be fine..

With the advance of the internet, it is now easier to find machines and supplies. If you love crafting and especially knitted garments, then why not check out knitting machines as an alternative to hand knitting. I personally would not totally replace hand knitting, as its a stress reliever for me!… but for those larger garments like dresses, knitted coats etc, you don’t want to be knitting for so long, you miss the seasons!.. Knitting has made a return as a great winter hobby, and there are so many great wools and supplies on the market now, especially the internet, that you don’t even have to leave home to get your supplies anymore! If you knit for your craft business, this would speed things up.

Get knitting, by hand or machine, and get creating!

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